Sale and Leaseback

A cash injection for your business

Sale and Leaseback offers the opportunity to release funds through the sale of your owned fleet to us. We will then lease the vehicles back to you through any of our funding methods, releasing valuable capital for your business to use.

The benefits of Sale and Leaseback

One of the key benefits of Sale and Leaseback is that you can release the capital from your fleet for use elsewhere in your business. You can remove all the associated risks of vehicle ownership while adding additional cost and time saving services such as maintenance or fleet administration.

What is Sale and Leaseback?

If you want to benefit from a cash injection, this funding option allows you to sell the vehicles to us and then lease them back on a funding model, such as Contract Hire. In addition to releasing funds, you will no longer have the risk of ownership or fluctuations in residual values.

Sale and Leaseback includes:

  • Full funding, maintenance and management options available
  • Available on all our funding methods
  • Cars are normally sold as non-VAT qualifying
  • Commercials are normally sold as VAT qualifying
  • VAT on rentals of leased cars subject to a Sale and Leaseback are fully reclaimable by you (subject to VAT status)
  • Leased cars are treated as a disposal of the car for tax purposes by the customer with capital allowances being claimed by Lex Autolease after the date of transfer

How Sale and Leaseback works

We will need to know the specification, age and mileage of your vehicles. Once we have this information we can confirm a price and if you wish to go ahead with the sale the funds will be transferred electronically.

You can quickly convert an existing fleet to another funding model, rather than wait for current vehicles to be sold.